Monitor was working but moved the system to a new desk and now says 'no signal'

I moved my pc which was working completely fine to a new desk. I unplugged everything, moved it across carefullly and then replugged it all back up. Now however, the monitor keeps saying no signal. I think the pc is working fine - all the fans are on, and the system is not blinking. Any idea what could have happened? Tried a different monitor and the same thing! At a loss, and am not a techy person so not sure what to do now.
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  1. You may not like my answer, but it sounds like you may have paper-weighted your video card. Might have created a static discharge. Do you have an extra GPU lying around that you could try? If not does your CPU have on-board graphics? May want to take it out and see if your monitor comes on with a different video card or the processor's on-board graphics.
  2. Hi - I have absolutely no idea whether the CPU has on board graphics or where to even begin to look to find the CPU! I am pretty sure that there is no GPU (had to look up what that was - not computer minded at all) lying around either.
  3. Okay, uhh. Do you know what processor you have? If not, press start, and in the search bar type in "dxdiag" without quotes, and under "System" tab you will find "Processor:" and tell me what it says after that, and then "Display 1/2" tab, under Device you will see "Name" tell me what that says.
  4. Is there another port you can plug the cable into, as you may have plugged it into the MB not the GFX Card
    If it is a GFX Card - It may be loose
  5. Edit: Posted twice by mistake.
  6. 1: check the connections in the monitor and the system
    2: if you installed graphic card in your system REMOVE AND RE-FIX THE GRAPHIC CARD AND RESTART THE SYSTEM
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    Hi all - right it was custom built pc with a i5 processor, CPU0100, Arctic Freezer 13 CPU, Fractal Design Define R4, Seagate Barracuda 500GB, PNY NVIDIA Quadro 400, XFX Pro 450W power supply, Kingston HyperX 8GB, Antec Kuhler Flow CPU, Gigabyte H61MA-D2V. Does that help? Most of it is mumbo jumbo to me!
  8. Yep, that helps. If it's an i5 it should definitely have integrated graphics. Okay, what you can do is power down, remove the video card from the system, and restart it, and make sure you get video. If you do get video, shut it down again, unplug it, etc, plug the GPU back in, make sure it's in there correctly, connect the monitor first, while the monitor is off and preferably unplugged, and then plug the computer and monitor back in, start it up again and see if you still have video. If the monitor still says no signal after re-installing the graphics card, then your card is the problem, might have accidentally created a static discharge against the card in the process of moving it, but it is possible it was just jarred loose.
  9. Hi all - thank you for the answers! I am not techy at all so no idea how to even remove the graphics/video card from the pc. Sorry for being so crap.
  11. It's okay, that's what we're here for! :) There's a video here that explains how to do it, it's actually a very simple process, but it can be a bit intimidating if you're not used to playing around inside your computer case. You'll want to be wary of static electricity, because a discharge will fry computer components. Just make sure to discharge any static by touching the metal exterior of your case, NOT any electrical components inside of it. Here's the video:

    If even with that you're still not comfortable removing a video card (which is totally okay!) you'll have to bring it to a local repair shop or a friend that can. Hope this helps!
  12. i have a doubt on this do you hear any beep sound from the system while powering ON
    after powering ON the system check the keyboard num lock or the caps lock led's are glowing while the keys are pressing
  13. The keypad keys are glowing and so are the number lock and caps.
  14. egitel was right you can also watch the youtube video it will help you
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