how to create a system image backup in Windows xp with non-working disc drive?

I need to make a complete system backup of a pc with windows xp, however my disc drive does not work - so, I can't make a copy onto a CD. How can I backup this pc to be able to re-install on a new pc?
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  1. You can use Acronis True Image ( and create the disk image in the cloud and then restore whereever you wish. You can also use a USB to backup and to restore. Acronis can do it.
  2. If you are talking about taking an image of the disk, restoring it onto a new PC will not likely work. In many cases is will either not see the disk as bootable or will crash when Windows dries to load. You can make backups to anything, USB drive, DVD (I would not use a CD as they are a bit small these days for backups), network, cloud storage.
  3. Try Drive Cloner RX. It is an imaging software called that can perform backups of your hard drive:
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