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I was looking for some opinions. My laptop has 2 drive bays and my choice is either WD black2 + my old HDD as a storage drive or WD blue + SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB. Would the performance of an SSD like SanDisk Ultra Plus really be noticeably better than the black2 SSD portion or just benchmark better? I've been out of the loop for awhile.
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  1. Trust me on this. I didn't believe it until I bought one.

    Go with a good SSD drive. The difference in performance is absolutely INSANE! With any system, the performance “bottleneck” is almost always in the I/O. This is solved by having a solid SSD. The two best models available right now are the Samsung 840 EVO or the Samsung 840 Pro. The Pro is slightly faster (and slightly more expensive). You'll ask, “Is it worth the extra money to go with an SSD?” My answer, “UNDOUBTEDLY YES!”
  2. And in your case you don't have to go with a huge SSD. Go with a 250 or 256GB model (the EVO comes 250, the Pro 256). Put your OS and all of yor programs on it. Use a bigger HDD to do all of your big storeage and such. Movies, Unfrequently accessed pictures, etc. The speed and performance that a good SSD brings you really is unbelievable.
  3. One last thing for you to see. It's a 2 minute video.

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