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So I think i knwo the answer to this question, and it may sound really dumb, but can my sabertooth x79 mobo fit in the btifenix prodigy case?
And can you sum up mini-itx vs atx?
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  1. If this is your motherboard, then no. It will not fit in the BitFenix Prodigy. The X79 is ATX and the case is mini-ATX.

    The difference, mainly, is size. Physical dimensions. here's a good resource on the subject.

    Aside from size, mini ATX physically cannot fit as many slots for RAM, GPUs, SATA cables or whatever onto the board. Also, airflow is often worse in the smaller cases.

    Form factor has no bearing on performance, although you can fit more hardware onto an ATX board and ATX cases/boards have better ventilation and perform better in that they aren't as warm. That's about it though!
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