Weird white horizontal lines only in games.

Hello, my monitor is displaying white horizontal lines moving vertically when i'm playing games, turning off v-sync almost solves this issue but it's still visible if you take a closer look. How can i fix this? Is it a driver issue or it's happening because i'm using a dvi-d to vga adapter to connect my monitor to the gpu? Btw i didn't had this issue with my previous gpu (hd 6850). I'm currently using an amd r9 270x graphics card. Unfortunately my monitor supports only D-sub. Please help.
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  1. try looking into both v-sync settings for the games, and in CCC. toggle them around and see if that solves anything. its possible all those connectors or its something in the monitor itself, but that seems more unlikely then a setting
  2. I doubt that it has to do anything with the games, but i tried fixing the issue with looking into those settings, but it doesn't helps. As i said vsync almost solves the issue. My guess it's either a driver issue or it's because i'm using a dvi-d to vga adapter. But i didn't had this issue with my HD 6850 gpu so it has to be a connector or a driver issue. My friend is also facing this issue, he is using a HD 7770 gpu. Will it make any difference if i get a 2M long DVI to VGA cable.
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    no the length of the cable will make no difference, if the cable is damaged then that would help,..
  4. Probably a "little" late to answer, but my issue was fixed when I switched to a monitor with a DVI a port.
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