Anyone know how are with returns?

i got an r9 280x from them earlier this month, its almost definately running at half of what it should be, ive had loads of help deciding this from everyone on the forums :)

Anyway, i was going to contact them about it and i was wondering if any of you guys have had similar run ins with them and could let me know if they are likely to be ok with it or not... e.g. are they gonna throw it back in my face and tell me that it works fine, so i have to live with a faulty card
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  1. When exactly did you buy it?

    You might still be within certain regulations that protect you.
  2. i purchased it on December 30th, i sent it back with an RMA and they have recieved it.. now im just hoping that it is actually deemed faulty :)
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    OC UK have been pretty good with me, although I have only returned one item (a headset), and refunded the item cost promptly. Much better than other sites that I shall not name ;)

    Just as an FYI if something isn't working you are definitely entitled to restitution, refund or exchange, and it's always in these companies best interests to act in good faith when dealing with problems such as this!
  4. I'm three weeks into an issue now that's required multiple phone calls, multiple refunds and still isn't sorted.

    Shower of useless idiots imo.
  5. Had few issues with them a few years back, that ended up with them sacking a load of staff in support for being a-holes, but sadly it hasn't improved that much.
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