Gaming PC vs. PS4 and MacBook Pro ($2000 Budget)

I need to get a new computer, and I also want to get something good for gaming. I was planning on getting a gaming PC with a 4670K and a GTX 780, to suit both of my needs. However, my school uses iPads for all of our books and notes. I have had trouble with document compatibility between my iPad and PC, so I am considering getting a $1300 Retina MacBook Pro and a $400 PS4. Which would you recommend? Thanks.
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  1. the computer is going to be much more powerful.
    instead of getting a mac why dont you try dual booting?

    macs are overpriced and laptops are much weaker than desktops. you will be paying more for less performance.

    ps4 isnt a bad gaming solution but it is too new and has almost no games which makes it a poor choice for now. pc has tons of titles available. even a ps3 or xbox is better right now then the next gen (until the next gen gets more titles and is more stable)
  2. I would go for a PC and some second hand iPad if it`s really necessary and you won`t manage to make your PC a hakintosh.
  3. Or a gaming laptop? (-;

    Here's an amazing deal

    MSI GS70 2OD-229US Intel Core i7 4700HQ(2.40GHz) 12GB Memory 500GB HDD 128GB SSD 17.3" Gaming Notebook Windows 8
    comes with a free 50” 1080p LED HDTV w/ purchase:
    Intel Core i7 4700HQ(2.40GHz)
    12GB Memory 500GB HDD 128GB SSD
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M
    1920 x 1080
    Windows 8
  4. moix123 said:
    i would go for a alienware pc

    Alienwares are just glorified dells honestly. get yourself a nice custom build that doesn't involve a third party to preselect parts
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