Unsubscribe to Email Notification on All Fourms

Is there anyway I can stop receiving notifications to my email about all forums
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  1. Go to your profile > Forum settings > click 2nd edit to the right > uncheck Notify me of updates by default > save
  2. Should be under your user profile/account settings or Forum settings.
    Under forum settings, do you have a red x or green check mark next to, "Notify me of updates by default"?

    -Wolf sends
  3. click on the Down arrow next to your user name at the top and then manager my profile.

    Under account settings and Forum settings turn off all Updates.

    This will stop future updates. For any current updates i think on the very first post of that page there will be a link at the bottom of the first post to not follow that thread anymore.
  4. Somehow I'm still getting emails
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    Again this only works with FUTURE emails. You still need to unsubscribe to the current ones you are subscribed to. once those are all unsubscribed you shouldn't get them anymore
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