is my old i7 920 bottlenecking my new gtx 770?

I recently upgraded from my gtx 560 ti , to a new gtx 770 4gb. Everyone told me it'd work fine with my older i7 920 2.6ghz

If anything the 770 seems to play some games worse than my 560ti did. So i'm wondering if my old i7 920 is just not up to the task and is bottlenecking.

I searched and searched online trying to find some answers, or tests i could do. Everyone seems to think it should've been fine.

People with less specs then me seem to do better, especially in bf4.

Finally, i found a post some where where someone said that a graph could be anbled in game, and if the yellow line is above the green line, then its a cpu bottle neck.

Sure enough, as soon as i did this, i noticed the yellow line is WAY above the green line.


I know the fps in the screenshot says 60, but it really doesnt seem like 60. Very choppy like, not smooth at all. hard to explain.

So does this verify what i suspected ever since getting the new card? My CPU is holding it back?

It's a DELL oem motherboard, so i can't overclock it.

This week i plan on buying anew case, motherboard, and a i7-4770K. Already spent $500 on a card, might as well spend another on a system that allows me to actually use it.

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  1. Yeah, that's a bottleneck.
  2. Odd, the i7 920 does well in Bf4:

    Figure slightly worse then the i7 930.

    It looks like, for whatever reason, you are getting occasional MASSIVE latency spikes. Not sure why that's occurring, but its possible something outside the game could be contributing.
  3. Did you uninstall the old drivers and reinstall the latest from Nvidia?
  4. logainofhades said:
    Did you uninstall the old drivers and reinstall the latest from Nvidia?

    Yup, did it again but didnt help.

    I went ahead and updated my system.
    Now i have i7-4770K
    and my mobo to Asus Z87-Pro

    now the game runs nice, when it doesnt crash :P

    thanks for replying.
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