Moved to Czech Republic and Internet was working fine, now It's so bad I can't talk with family.

I've recently got out of the army and took a job here in Prague. I found an apartment with free internet, and a pub downstairs to boot! The internet was working great. Never had a problem downloading things, or needed to check what my connection speeds were. The landlord then installed WiFi for the bar downstairs. They had a technician come in and set it up, while keeping our Apartments (3 on second floor, and landlords family on 3rd floor) on a wired connection.

Now that they did this, my connection jumps from 50 kb/s to 100 kb/s down to 0 in the matter of a few seconds. It's worse during the evening. The landlords son is always downloading stuff, and never has a problem with speed. While we on the second floor are struggling to watch youtube videos. I try to skype with my family and it's almost impossible to keep my webcam up and running with it lagging or shutting off due to the connection. The landlords don't really have a big problem with it because it seems theirs is working fine.

My question is; is there anything that i can do to see if they are somehow "traffic shaping" or using something to maximize their connection while slowing mine down. I'm not the most computer savvy, mostly i've been overseas not having the time to stay technologically up-to-date. I appreciate anyone who gives this a read, and I'm grateful for any answers I can get.

Thanks for your time,
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  1. Hi, Ask if it's possible to connect via Wi-fi (ask for user and password), install an Wireless adapter and see if still the same.
  2. For some reaon the Wifi will only work downstairs. We have a tablet and we can't pick up the connection. Apparently "the walls are too thick" . I live right over the pub, and can only pick up the signal in the pub.
  3. Can you test the wired connection with a different PC/laptop (this way you'll know for sure if it's the bandwidth or some software issue)?
  4. I forgot to say I appreciate you trying to help me. On My laptop I'm getting a speedtest of 0.90 Mbps download, and 0.97 Mbps upload. On my computer it's pretty much exactly the same. The same with my neighbors too.
  5. But are you getting the same issues with the laptop as well as the PC?
  6. Yes, it's the same up and down connection. Sorry, I should have mentioned that before. I started a download on steam with my computer, then paused it, then used the same wire I took from my PC and plugged it into the Laptop, The same problem when i resumed the patch. Up and down and then to zero again. Steam has a bar system to show the connection and it looks the same as a screen on a treadmill when you enter in the cross-country program.
  7. Out of curiousity what does the ISP claim to deliver as fars as bandwidth?

    Also the Czech republic has some incredibly talented people that can uses their talent productively or in worse cases for illegal activities....BE very careful!!!
  8. Then they might have limited the bandwidth.
    I suggest paying for a separate connection with the ISP (not the house owner).
  9. alexoiu said:
    Then they might have limited the bandwidth.
    I suggest paying for a separate connection with the ISP (not the house owner).

    I think you are spot on...and like anything else it's only worth what you pay for it......
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