Boot Loops Before and After Motherboard Swap

My system suffered a BSOD at random one day and then on bootup, restored what appeared to be a corrupted BIOS from a backup. The computer then would not boot past the Windows 7 Logo. After changing a few settings in the BIOS (swapping unused e-SATA ports to use ACHP instead of IDE), it finally booted into Windows again, at which point I made a backup of my system and turned the comptuer off. After turning it back on, it was caught in an endless cycle of boot loops and the system would not even POST; it would just turn on and then right back off again until I pulled the plug.

So, I replaced the motherboard. Same socket type (LGA1155), different brand. Started the computer up and went into the BIOS for initial setup. Saved and exited, the computer started to boot into the OS but before the logo even appeared, it shut off, then turned back on... then shut off again and now the computer, with a brand new motherboard, is again caught in a cycle of boot loops.
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  1. Turns out it was a faulty stick of RAM. Tried swapping them out and found one that the computer wouldn't boot with no matter how it was installed.
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