I've overclocked my CPU and it won't revert back to the stock speed

I have an amd a8-6600k with a stock speed of 3.9 ghz and I overclocked it to 4.1ghz using amd overdrive auto clock. When I tried to undo the overclock it said it worked so I restarted my pc and opened up amd overdrive and it said the CPU was running at 4.1 ghz so I changed it again and this time when I restarted it I went into the bios to see what it was running at and it said 3.9ghz but then once it booted up I went back into amd overdrive and it still said it was running at 4.1ghz. I've tried uninstalling amd overdrive but it doesn't work and I downloaded CPUZ to see if it was just amd overdrive and it said it was running at 4.1 ghz
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  1. Have you tried clearing the CMOS? Is Overdrive still running?
  2. Try loading optimized settings in the BIOS, or clearing the CMOS.
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