Monitor briefly losing input signal during gaming, occasional crashing and BSOD

I installed a brand new GTX 670 in my rig about a month ago and for the first three weeks it was performing splendidly. A week ago I experienced the first crash during a three hour session of Shogun 2 and from then on out I've experienced crashing and brief input signal loss from my DVI input on my monitor. When I say brief, I mean about 2 seconds.

Now, I've only been playing Skyrim and Shogun 2 in the past week but I'm experiencing the same problem with slightly different symptoms in each game. I have never experienced this problem outside of gaming.

Shogun 2 symptoms:
-I am completely unable to play in DirectX11 mode. The monitor loses signal within a minute of loading a game and boots me to the desktop. I still see the Shogun icon in the taskbar but I am unable to get back into the game forcing me to use task manager to end the program
-I am able to play in DirectX9 mode, but the monitor still loses it's input signal every 5 minutes or so. When the monitor regains it's input signal, instead of kicking me to the desktop like it does in DirectX11 it displays a loading screen as if I've changed some of my graphical settings around. Once it's done loading I am able to continue playing. However, I did experience hard crash under directx9 last night after the monitor lost signal. The sound looped for about a minute before it gave me a BSOD.

Skyrim symptoms:
-I can play for anywhere from 5 min to 30 min before monitor loses signal. When it regains the signal I experience an enormous drop in FPS. I haven't measured the exact FPS, but I'm guessing around 20-30 indoors and around 15 outdoors. If I exit and restart the game, the problem is gone until the monitor loses signal again (which it inevitably will). This renders Skyrim virtually unplayable.

AMD FX-8150
Coole Master 212 EVO Heatsink
ASRock 990FX Extreme4
Windows 7 Home 64 bit
Seagate 1TB HDD
8gb DDR3 RAM (forgot which brand)
Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W (about 4 years old now)
ASUS VW246H 24" monitor

I've tried:
-Changing all settings to low.
-Monitoring temps. GPU doesn't get over 75c nor is anything else running hot (I did notice that the GPU got to 81c one time before I changed the fan speed profile).
-Uninstalling and reinstalling driver.
-Rolling back to several previous drivers
-Disabling NVIDIA HD Audio as I've heard this has caused a lot of problems for people. Unfortunately, this wasn't the culprit
-Tried a different monitor, problem persists.
-Full computer virus and spyware scan. Two minor spyware issues showed up but were apparently cleaned.
-Switching DVI cables.

On my list to try:
-Switching out GPU
-I've seen some steps on how to completely clean your system out of old display drivers before installing new ones. When I originally reinstalled the driver I only used the clean install option in GeForce Experience.
-Updating GPU BIOS. I've seen on the EVGA forums that there has been several updates for the 670, but seeing as a I just recently purchased mine I might already be up to date.

I am also taking into consideration that this might be a PSU issue, but it'd be a big coincidence that this happened right after I installed a new GPU.

This issue is starting to drive me insane. Any suggestions before I do anything drastic (reformat, RMA)?
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  1. Considering all of the things you have already tried, and the fact that your PSU is 4 years old, my first thought is that it is a PSU issue. Try using a different PSU if you can get your hands on one (a friend's, etc.) and see what happens.
  2. It was my GPU.

    I switched out the 670 for my old 460 and the crashing stopped. EVGA already approved the RMA.
  3. Well played, sir. >.<
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