How do i connect 2 monitors to my VTX3D radeon hd 6670?

I have 2 moritors, and i connected one to VGA port and the second to DVI to VGA port.
My first monitor works fine, but my second doesn't, i tried to switch them and only one works, the one connected to VGA port, i dont know what to do, I am a newbie to this soo pls if you can help me and be specific.
Thx for your time.
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  1. I believe you are limited to either digital video or analog, not both at the same time. If that card has DVI and HDMI, or 2 x DVI, you can use them. If it just has DVI and VGA, no.
  2. Is Windows picking up the second monitor? It does not always do so. Link below may help.
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