Need advice for new ~27" Monitor for gaming, coding and various purposes

Hi people,

Going to buy a new monitor and after the research i did i still need some advice.

What im looking for in order of importance are :

- ~27" or bigger screen size
- Good color accuracy and quality
- No or minimum glare
- Good response time (Up to 3 ms is ok. If no go i can do with higher)
- Good 3D for ATI/AMD HD3D
- Wide screen if possible
- If possible ~2500x resolution. But im pretty ok with 1920x1050 etc.

Looking forward to your input thx.
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  2. RaisingTheBarHD said:

    if im not mistaken, this is for nvidia 3d. and it doesnt support ati Hd3d ?
  3. Any more input from anyone else as the date for my purchase nears ?
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