World OF warcraft help

hello. im building this computer to play world of warcraft.

please tell me if everything is okay.
i want best graphics, HD please, like best graphics on monitor.

please suggest other stuff if u want, but like i don't want to go over $1400. not even its $1399.
so please take a look.

and i plan to over clock ,so do i have enough power to do it in my psu? ok thank you.
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    Looks good.
  2. You are over paying for the video card. Go ahead and get you something like this:

    And dont spend so much on your other stuff, like you dont need all those wireless accessories if you have a good router and adapter...

    Thats a TOTALLY legit network adapter for $30 and you wont need any of the signal boosters. If you need a new router:

    Thats a good option. Also if you dont plan on OCing a bunch just use the stock cooler. The ones they provide with the Piledriver's are pretty legit. I would also advise Windows 8 over Windows 7 and get a OCZ Vertex 4 instead of the M4... You also dont need the mounting kit for the SSD as that case HAS the approprate drive bay. And, this is no knock on you personally, but it looks like you havent really done your homework with the way this is put together. If I had $1400 it would look like this: (BTW I own several of these products... and they are all very nice)

    I got you a MUCH better video card and monitor so you can expand into new games in the future and still be better off. Much better keyboard, mouse, and headset (which you forgot) so wow will be better (cant play wow without macro keys, and a nice headset). Also higher speed RAM, a much better looking case :p, a SSD 2x the size, and a motherboard that has a 5 year warranty and is the brother to the world OC holder. This is over your alloted price range, but I would suggest that you call tigerdirect and ask them since your buying so much at once, if they can cut you a deal. Also look around on Amazon and other places if price is really a concern. But get these exact models, as this build has been built to work together.
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