First time water cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H60 SE, EK H3O LTX 120mm kit, or full custom build?

I'm thinking of upgrading my cooling system to water cooling, but I have no idea about how difficult it is. The options listed above are basically what is available at my local store.

The Corsair got great reviews, but I've seen people scorning all in one kits as bad. As a newcomer and someone prone to stressing out about my PC, the simplicity of this option appeals to me.

I know nothing about the EK kit other than it seems way more expensive than the Corsair and I it doesn't seem to be an all in one kit, so maybe it's better?

It seems the other option is to buy all the components separately and assemble them myself. This area I am totally ignorant of, I don't know it's complexity levels or price tag.

Price is important to me, but I won't waste money on something cheap if it's useless. Ease of use and peace of mind are also very important, but again I won't sacrifice too much quality for them.

With all that said, can anyone offer advice on the ins and outs of these options?
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  1. The biggest question is how much are you planning to OC? How hot do your components get right now under full load?
  2. Neospiral's question is really important. If OCing then you need really good cooling.
    I am using, have been for a couple years now, a Corsair H50 with dual fans. I do NOT OC and I have been really happy with the temps on my 8120 cpu. Corsair has an excellent reputation and the install is easy and there is no real maintenance.
    If you plan to OC, and still want the convenience of pre-built liquid cooling, then consider the H80/H80i or even the H110/110i if your case has the room.

    Of concern with ANY liquid cooling is leakage: Usually when they leak they destroy equipment (your PC). Some web searches of USER reviews of the Corsair systems and other types and brands of liquid cooling will help with your decision; from what I have read the leaks on the prebuilt systems often stem from people bending the hoses/tubing a lot or trying to remove them or shorten them.
    Neospiral, jump back in here please.
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