Changed Graphics Card, BIOS Won't Load Past Splash Screen

So I bought a new graphics card (Gigabyte's GTX 660) to swap out for and older one (EVGA GTX 550 Ti). I made the mistake of not unplugging my PSU before switching, however the computer was off. I changed the cards using my anti static wristband so no damage was done there. After swapping the cards (All cable were plugged in right) my computer would load the BIOS splash screen, the mobo would beep, then nothing else would happen. the splash screen would still show, and about 10 seconds later the mobo would beep (just one short beep, the kind that happens everytime i turn it on) again. Is my new card damaged or did i miss a step in changing cards? I don't think its damaged because it shows the splash screen. also i plugged the monitor into the graphics card for all of that.

pressing delete or f12, whichs would take me to bios settings or boot options respectively, does nothing. the splash screen still shows

also, when i remove the card and have only integrated graphics, the cpu boots normally. my mobo is set to automatically detect graphics cards. My mobo is Gigabyte GA-Z77x-d3h. thanks for your help guys.
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  1. Updated the BIOS. Everything works.
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