Help!!! I've overclocked my GPU and now i'm getting a lot of freezing.

I recently oc'ed my GPU, i'll post the oc settings here.
GPU Clock: 1200
Memory: 1350
VDDC: 1225

Now, this runs perfectly fine on bitcoin AND on games. The problem is, is that I keep getting these weird black squares on my other monitor when I play games such as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Rock of Ages (The game, not movie). After a little while I see the black squares and then my game majorly freezes, goes black, and then the screen comes back on. How do I set my overclock settings right and lag spike free?

System Specs:
Monitor: 1080p ASUS VS228H-P
CPU: Intel i3
GPU: Radeon 7850 1gb
Power: 650w
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  1. Lower the overclock. Every game is different. For instance, I have a +600 mem overclock on my card and all my games run fine, but if I use the heaven benchmark, I get artifacts.
  2. I lowered it to default OC settings. Is there any recommendation on what I should set it to?
  3. No two Graphics cards are the same even if they are the same chipset. Your best bet would be to overclock it little by little, around 100mhz or so and see if you get those black boxes or other artifacts when gaming. Once you get to the point where you can notice them again, then just dial down the clock speeds a few and that should be your stable clock for your card. Sorry if I can't provide some in depth explanation for your cards OC potential, but thats how the OC game is.
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