Windows XP Re-install does NOT see newly inserted hard drive. Need driver? how?

OK - so you've seen this a 100 times but it's new to me. I removed a hard drive from a Dell 8400 and when installing windows to the new drive, it says "can't find hard drive" but it's there. So is there some driver issue? How do I get that driver on to that drive so WIN XP installer will "see it"? Is there a "CD" for this? The Windows XP Reinstaller says at bottom of blue screen: "press F6 to install a RAID or SCSI" So I hit F6 and shortly thereafter it invites me to remove the XP Installer CD and insert a "driver" CD. Where do I get that drivers CD? Thanks for any help. M. Smith ( Thanks
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  1. Go to dell and download the driver

  2. ranco58 said:
    Go to dell and download the driver


    Thanks for your reply. Yes - I have looked at their website and seen the drivers but for me the question is HOW to get it on the hard drive. The hard drive is blank. I am in a CD that is installing XP onto that hard drive and I get a window that says, remove the installation CD and insert a CD with the driver. I have to have a CD with that driver on it .... I don't how to do that. Windows is NOT on the computer so I can't access Dell and download it after the fact, it has to be availabe during the windows installation. I am researching how do accomplish that fact, at this time. Thanks for your recommendation. M. Smith
  3. download the drivers install them on a USB drive or a floppy disc or burn to a cd when you reinstall XP it asks for the drivers by asking you to press F6 then it will ask you to install the drivers use what ever medium that you put them on and fllow the on-screen instructions

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