Is Kingston DDR3 1600MHz CL9 4GB recomended for AsRock H77 Pro4 / i5 3570 and compatieble?

I have Upgraded my whole PC, everything from Mobo/CPU to GPU and PSU. Problem is that I didnt realis that my old ram was still DDR2 and now I need to buy a new one. Since I am already over my budget, I am trying to buy as cheap as possible, but I also need to make sure that its not a very bad module.

So my Motherboard is AsRock H77 Pro4, and my CPU is i5 3570 (not k btw). I wanted to buy the 'Kingston HyperX Genesis DDR3 1600MHz CL9 4GB DIMM Memory Module (Kit of 2)'.

Since this mobo supports 4 slots, i figured i will add later as i see fit.

Question is, is it compatible? is the brand trustworthy? I realise its not the best, but hey, budget and all :)

I fast answer would be very appreciated, since I want to order asap, since I need to get it by Saturday ( I only have a 6 year old laptop right now...).
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  1. That RAM will work with your setup. Corsair is a good brand, but if it was me, I would get this instead...
    not that it's better, I just have a slight personal preference for G.Skill.
  2. Corsair? I am pretty sure its Kingston xD
  3. EvilHamster said:
    Corsair? I am pretty sure its Kingston xD
    Yeah, my bad.
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