Need help getting graphics card

Hey I'm new here so I bought a computer from newegg long time ago:

I want to know what graphics card I can get to replace the crappy one that came with this computer because it's no good.

Please help me pick a graphics card, I also have a 450 W PSU i can replace if the graphics card need higher power.

my price range is 50$ or under.
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  1. Your pretty limited in space. What games are you looking to run?
  2. 450watts should be able to support any graphics card under 50 with your setup. You're not going to be able to play many games with a graphics card under $50. Best to keep what graphics you have now and save for a better computer or gfx.
  3. I actually have 2 monitors but I can use either one of them.

    And I just want to be able to play games and record. Games like Grand Chase, Latale, S4 league and Dragon nest. And I want to be able to record as well.

    What graphics card do you guys suggest then? Even if it's above $50, I'll probably try to save money.
  4. Since your budget is tight, use your 1600x900 screen for gaming. The higher res screen will use more vram and a better gfx card.
    If your going for a budget from $50-100 then I'd suggest buying the Asus Radeon 6670 for $89 on newegg

    EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB for 150

    you probably wont need a graphics card over 130 for games like that.

    if you're looking to record them aswell you'd need a better processor, what kind do you have?
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