Quick question about Power Supply compatibility

I've been on the fence about two GPUs and my current power supply.

I currently have a 9800 GT and been wanting to upgrade badly(obviously lol)

So I've been looking at the GTX 550 Ti and the GTX 650.

My current power supply is the RS-500-PCAR-D3 from COOLERMASTER, a 500w PSU. I'm aware of the minimum overall wattage stated by NVIDIA but what I really want to know is if this PSU has the necessary amperage for either of the cards. My obvious fear is that the amps on the PSU aren't enough and obviously that will lead to a meltdown for my pc and for myself. I'd just really like to know if my PSU can handle one of these cards.

I don't actually know how much amps the 12v is putting out or how much the cards themselves even need, so someone who can enlighten me would be greatly appreciated.

If needed my current CPU is FX-4100 Zambezi (3.6GHz). If any other info is needed I will gladly provide.
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  1. Hi mate , yeah I'd upgrade to the Corsair 600W if I was you , wouldn't use a coolermaster 500W PSU with a new GTX 650. Just not reliable enough.
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