7770 1GB DDR5 v. 7750 2GB DDR3

$10 difference. Trying to do my due diligence looking up specs but having a hard time finding 2GB 7750 specs.

Either is a huge upgrade to my 4650. I don't play high-end games, just looking to run SimCity and similar types of games.

MB: Gigabyte GA-78GM w/ Phenom II X4 920

Thanks. Have kind of lost my connection to the gearhead community...
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  1. I recommend going with the 1GB GDDR5 over the 2GB GDDR3/DDR3, the 1GB GDDR5 has more memory bandwidth and it's worth getting it, avoid the GDDR3/DDR3 versions.
    It's in german, but it shows a clearly difference between the 2GB DDR3 and the 7750(1GB GDDR5) : http://ht4u.net/reviews/2012/msi_radeon_hd_7750_2gb_ddr3_test/index39.php
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