SLI Doom 3 FPS far too low!

I am running a pc:
Core 2 duo e6750 @ 2.66
asus striker extreme mobo
4 gb ram (corsair twinmx 800mhz ddr2 with 4-4-4-12 timing) xp 32bit sees only 2.5 gb...?
2x eVGA 8800 gts 320 SC in SLI
sb xfi extreme gamer with the xram
my hdd is sata2
the rest is not necessary to post...

I ran fraps with doom 3 roe with the latest nvidia drivers (non beta) and am getting a consistent 60 fps with 58 being the min. and 62 the max...according to Tom's charts I should be getting at least 150! at least in their time demo...

I am running the game in ultra setting without vsync and in the nvidia console am forcing sli with alternate frame rendering 1...

Why are my fps so low?

I need some serious experts!

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  1. Doom is limited to 60FPS regardless of Vsync.
    There is a hack that you can do to lift it but im not sure what it is. google it....
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