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Hi everybody,

I love games. I don't know for what exactly. :)
My favorite are RTS and FPS games.

I like come at Tom's Hardware site and look new stuff (particularly Graphics Card and CPU).

And I like look becnchmark.
Unfortunatly benchmark don't have the excellent game "Act of War: Direct Action" and expansion pack "Act of War: High Treason".

Since this game is popular I would like see this one in benchmark.
It's just a request of course and not a order :)

It would be great too to have Battlefield 2 with all expansion pack + boost pack in benchmark since this game is very popular.

Also I hope see Unreal Tournament 2007 in benchmark when this game will be at store and "Super Commader" game (remember Total Anhililation :) )

Thanks and I hope this site will continue give us so wonderful moment in our life !
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  1. the reason that they dont put all the popular games is because they put the games that have the highest requirements.
    the point of the benchmarks is to test the cpu's/graphics cards in some high requirement games.
    not to test all the games on different cards.
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