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I am looking to upgrade my video card. I work primarily with 2D animation programs Flash, After Effects, Director etc. and use two CRTs. I don't game or use 3D applications so when I built my PC I put in a Matrox G450. It has two CRT connectors and has a good rep for dual displays. The problem is the seconary RAMDAC is running at 230Mhz so I get poor performance when running video on my secondary display and loose a ton of frames. I recently read the review on the Radeon 9000pro. It and it's competition have two 400Mhz RAMDACs so I'm wondering which card would be best for 2D dual display performance?

Radeon 9000pro
Radeon 8500
GeForce4 Ti 4200
Geforce4 MX 460
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  1. Radeon 9000pro hands down.

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  2. ATI was always known for great 2D, now they're know for great 3D too. I say what he said, 9700 PRO is the best right now.

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  3. Do a lot of 3D max and other 3d stuff. You can run dual monitors on some of the Gforce 4 ti 4200. You can get a Gainwood ti4200 from for £99 at the mo. Not going to get into an argument about which is better, just check out the reviews and decide for yourself.

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  4. I've got a GF4 Ti4200, its got a CRT and a DVI output, with a DVI to CRT converter included. RAMDAC is 350MHz and i've found it to be quite good so far. I'd highly reccomend this card.

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