GF3+New DOOM=30 fps

I saw this over at shacknews, from one of the guys that was at Quake Con. Apparently Carmack is saying that a GF3 will only run the new DOOM game at 30 fps, but doesn't mention which processor that is paired with. Here's the original article. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  1. Most likelly with a P3 or Athlon 800. Well in the 1028x768-32bit well thats my guess. Maybe the Radeon 2 can get more 4 pipes w/ 3 pixels each.

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  2. that's all assuming they can get the game out within the next 3 years. by that time compaq's will be shipping with gf3's.

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  3. I read in another article somewhere (anand's forum maybe?) that the GF3 will run Doom 3 at 30 fps with all the goodies turned on, while the top of the line cards at the time of release will run it at 60 fps with all the goodies. The game is targeted at the GF1/Radeon line as the minimum standard.

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