Does changing windows time change bios time?

If I change the time in Windows 7 does it also change the BIOS time?
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  1. Yes
  2. bios time is kept by the bios battery changing the windows time could disturb the os you will also have to change the regional settings that goes with the time you want to use .
  3. It is actuall the other way arround.
    Windows checks bios time and sets itself with that,unless you have windows check the internet and set its time from the internet.
  4. Yes.

    Just to be CLEAR:

    1. The date/time is stored in the BIOS.
    2. Windows starts and gets the date/time from the BIOS.
    3. If the time is incorrect, then change it from within Windows.
    4. Windows modifies the BIOS time (so if you had Linux installed as well it would then be the correct time if it booted).

    *Long story short, all you need to know is that if the time is incorrect in Windows then change it to the correct time.
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