syncronizing outlook with yahoo email acount

Hi there,

I want to syncronize my yahoo mail using my outlook software. I created a new email acount, defined it a HTTP mail, inserted "OTHER" in "HTTP mail service provider", wrote my email, and my logon information. However, I get an error "inbox syncornizing headers" 0x80070057....

pls help.

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  1. it doesnt work with yahoo.

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  2. thanx,

    but i cannot seem to work with it also in hotmail (it tells me it's completed but no message is d/l to my outlook ...
  3. You can't set up a yahoo, or even a msn e mail acount in outlook. Hotmail works, but is extremely slow. I still prefer to check my hotmail through the hotmail website, because you can do it alot faster. You can delete more than one message at a time and empty your junk mail all at once.And then, check it with outlook to save time. That way you can save the ones you want to keep. I don't even have hotmail setup in outlook anymore, because I rarely get messages I want to save. If I ever do, I'll just forward them to my pop3 server account.

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