Best custom computer builder uk

looking for computer builder
who has gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H-WB(WI-FI)
USING i7-3770k (ivy bridge)
all i have contacted not interested
don`t use gigabyte board
seems business must be good to refuse £1,400+ Build
reason for board old PCI slot Firewire for recording
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  1. Befriend you local geek or hackerspace. They'll make it quicker and save you money.
  2. Have you looked for those parts on a site places like here

    You can find all the parts you want put them in your basket then add build service for £60 and they will build it all for you.
  3. They have your mobo but not CPU. IB just released you may have to wait a while before its easily available
  4. Thanks
    the date for i7-3770k (ivy bridge )
    was not a prob just the replies from the companies
    saying they only use ....../////.....Boards
    perhaps Custom Built Pc means something else
    or maybe just me
    oonce again thanks will check site out
  5. Alot of the "custom" "companies" are cowboys that will use the cheapest crap they can or set parts that they got cheap by bulk ordering allowing them to make a bigger margin.

    I think scan and overclockers offer similar service to CCL I just normally recommend CCL as I use them for parts and the service is good.
  6. You could purchase the parts and build it yourself, would save you a lot of money in the long run and all parts these days come with their own independant warranty.

    A few retails that I use are :

    Overclockers UK
    Ebay (Don't knock this one, have found some of the best deals here, even on new parts with warranties)

    What I do when im building someone a computer is create an excel spreadsheet with their parts listed, then go to all of these retailers and copy over the prices.

    Usually end up saving around 10% - 15% then if I were to purchase all from one retailer.
  7. Building your own system is getting pretty trivial these days, you can always post any questions you have on here and get good advice. There's really very little than go wrong.
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