What do i need for an ups/surge protection?

We have been getting quite a few lightening storms around here lately, and I would like to get a goos ups/surge protector for my computer. Right now it is a moderate system, but I will be upgrading to a high end system that will probably pull quite a bit of power in the coming months, so I would like to buy with that in mind.

I went to best buy yesterday and saw this model and was considering it:


Is this enough protection? I'm not really concerned about how long the computer stays on if the power goes out, I just want it to be protected from surges and have the incoming power conditioned. Should I go with this one or are there better models out there?

I need somthing that will protect incoming cable/coax as well, not sure if this model does that.
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  1. thats about equal to other market leaders in those products

    mine is similar and we have had lightning hits 3 or 4 times without any damage to the computer , fax and phone equipment connected to it , but a TV connected to another power point was blown to bits.
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