Wanted: Old 486/66 Computer Tower

Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I am looking for a 486DX2/66 computer tower, as I would like to set up one to play old games on, and would like the original hardware (yes, I am an enthusiast) However I am surprised at how very few machines there are to obtain. I have a windows 95 disk set, so installing a fresh install of windows is no problem! I am only interested in the tower itself, anything else is an added bonus!

If anyone has one they have lying unused in a garage or such, I am more than happy to pay postage to the bath/bristol area, UK. Especially the compaq deskpro 4/66 machines, but any 486/66 will do :)

Thanks :)
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  1. They are still out there. Up until a year ago I was still having to support clients with DOS based applications running on 486/P1 HW and 56k modems for connection to our servers. You could try asking IT departments of local companies or universities. I dug an old Zip drive out of a store room not long back, it's amazing what lurks in store rooms across our fair land.
  2. I was talking to a friend about this recently...picking up 4 486s, networking them and playing Doom cooperatively. Now that would be fun...
  3. It would, but DosBox takes up a lot less space in your garage and lets you do the same thing.

  4. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Believe it or not, a lot of British Health Authorities still use Windows '95 in Hospitals so you might strike it lucky by riding round asking at back door. They usually find it difficult finding someone to take the really old stuff away.

    Maybe Holby City left something lying around when they moved out of your area! :D

  5. Don't forget old shop tills as many are PC based. Even back in 2000 I was deploying systems with a 486 running Win 95. Custom case but standard PC components.
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