How good is a Dell Inspiron 530s desktop

I'm impressed with the design of this PC and am therefore looking to buy it. I can guess thought that the con to it is not a good enough cooling system, and possibly power supply. As for slots and ports, I think I'll be fine with what I'll get:

HD tuner
IEEE card

Please give your opinion?
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  1. Small form factor computers are convenient. I like Dell's new line of compact and mATX towers, as they once again use standard mATX boards with common cooling equipment. The only real drawback to the small form factor design of the 530s is the small power supply, as it may be difficult to find a replacement for if/when it fails. Granted, most PSUs should live for a few years, so you may likely never encounter a PSU failure for the time that you own your computer.

    Also, half-height cards can be hard to find, and often carry a price premium. Lastly, the cooling system in the Dell should suffice.
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