Suggest an LCD that fits these criteria.... ?

Going from 15 inch CRT to an LCD. Main reasons to save desk space, and obviously a larger screen.

It must be height adjustable. ( i dont want one stood on a box, and i dont want a crooked neck!)
It must have DVI input.
It must be at least 19 inches.
It must be at least 8ms response time.

Budget - around 200 to 230.

All i could find was a Dell Ultrasharp 19 inch that was on special offer, no longer however so out of my budget.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Three I'd look at:

    Viewsonic VA1912wb
    Hyundai N91s
  2. Hi thanks for replying.

    I checked out the Hyundai N91s, and it does NOT meet the criteria set out. It is an analogue monitor and i see no mention of height adjustable on the Hyundai website.

    I also looked for the Samsung 930B you mentioned. I could only find a 930BF on the Samsung website, and this was NOT height adjustable as far as i can see.

    The ViewSonic VA1912wb you mentioned i could not see anywhere on their site. The closest i could see was the VA1912, but again this was NOT height adjustable.

    Could anyone offer me more help ? Am i being too picky with the original criteria i set out for a monitor?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. you budget makes these criteria almost impossible to meet.
  4. How about the BenQ FP92G+?
  5. Does your cache thrash? :wink:
  6. Mostly.
  7. Quote:
    you budget makes these criteria almost impossible to meet.

    Exactly, You will not be able to find anything like that for under 300. Should have got the Dell when you could I guess.
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