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i recently connected an external keyboard to my laptop but when taking it out and using the laptops keyboard most of the keys are mixed up for example m=1 j=2 k=3 nd so on!wat do i do 2 change it bk plz help!!!! :(
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  1. The registry might have become corrupted. Mixed up keys means the keyboard mapping is awry.

    First thing to try is system restore. There's a good possibility that this will correct the problem.

    For Xp on:
    Click on Start > All Program > Accessories > System tools > System Restore

    Select restore my computer to an earlier time and select a date prior to the fault.

    Let us know how this goes, there are ways to reconfigure the keyboard mapping but it is a last resort.
  2. i restored the system and no improvement :(
    whats the last resort????
  3. Do you have a laptop with the embedded numpad? If you don't know what that means, look at your keyboard. Do your MKJ keys also have numbers on them?

    It could be some sort of problem with your Fn key (that's how I type on my embedded numpad). Try turning off your NumLock as well and see if the problem persists.

    If that's not the problem, try going into Regional & Language settings and make sure you have an English Keyboard selected.
  4. oh my god that was actually so easy, thanks a million it was driving me mad, i couldn bring my laptop anywer :(

    thanks again!!
  5. You're welcome =)
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