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i am gona build a new computer near chrismas. do they(amazon etc) do sale on pc component? cheaper before or after chrismas?
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  1. Don't know about an Amazon sale - I think they would say they're cheap all the time. My personal preference would be from Portsmouth. You can build on to a barebones system from them and turn it into whatever you want. Delivery is quick and prices are very competitive.

  2. Prices usually start dropping after Christmas, many retailers make a large part of their annual profit during the run-up to Christmas; this year may be somewhat differant due (in part) to the Thailand Floods, the prices for hard drive are going up by the day.
  3. HDD's are only going up for the next 4-6 months by all accounts.

    all good UK component stores, often having short offers, i've never really seen anything around christmas especially though. Amazon themselves may not have the volume, the independents that use amazon as a front won't have the volume and have to pay amazon as well. The above stores are often cheaper.

    Actually I've just checked and am surprised at amazons prices, not to bad really, shop around though. Lots of bundle offers on scan for instance.
  4. are also very good
  5. Thanks
  6. +1 to the stores mentioned by 13thmonkey

    have used all 4 a lot --aria tends to be the cheapest most times as they do deals of the day and specials

    overclockers do deals for a week starting each wednesday--and build to order and pre-overclocked bundles

    scan are also excellent--though i like their site layout less as the front page isnt as good in my opinion as the other 3

    ebuyer is my favourite when you need it at the last minute--order up to 11pm for next day delivery

    only thing i have against amazon is its a bit like ebay sometimes items i order take longer to arrive than expected
  7. i find aria, amazon and ebuyer the best.
    good to have a look on ebay.
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