Screen goes blank after logging in after waking up from sleep

Another problem with this damn windows 7. Had problems with my windows 7 going blank in my previous post but now i put my laptop to sleep; switch it back on and when i log in, it does blank but you can see and use the cursor but it keeps flashing. alt-ctrl-del is still avaiable. jus perforomed a scan with kaspersky and no problems. can anyone help? anyone experience this?

thanks in advance
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  1. My dads laptop has a simular thing with win7, except the CTRL-AlT-Delete screen still doesn't appear.

    I'm just curious about one thing, seems that is available, can you click task manager and roam around in task man?

    If so perhaps you could go into processes, end explorer.exe if its there, or just go file-new task explorer.exe and see if it loads your desktop then.

    I doubt it will, but i'm just interested in the result :p
  2. haha nah mate it jus goes completely blank with no cursor lol
  3. Wish I could reply with something useful, but I'm having the same problem. Because I have dual monitors as well I just unplugged my main one and I am currently using my 2nd one. My monitor, even when unplugged continues to flash between black and the "analog" setting (this monitor uses digital and when its not plugged in it flashes between analog and digital). This happened after I reset my computer for an update and a few months after installing Windows 7 over my XP software. I thought i'd post this up here because I think my problem is very similar.
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