Nokia Lumia 920 Launches in UK Tomorrow

Nokia's Windows Phone 8 handset is arriving a week earlier than we thought.

Nokia Lumia 920 Launches in UK Tomorrow : Read more
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  1. £46 a month?!
  2. I'm selling my Samsung Galaxy S III for this!
  3. I making the switch from Android to Win 8 Phone because of this phone. Looks ()/¤=¤ awesome :)
  4. I have just been told by Orange that the release date for the Lumia 920 is the 9th of November.
  5. Apparently the shipping date was brought forward from the 9h to the 2nd.. But then they failed to deliver.. I can also confirm colour choices are black or white.. You will need to sign up at a phones4u shop to get either the red or yellow
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