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I have successfully set-up a "master" / "slave" wireless network per instructions thread. However, there are now two wireless networks to connect to; the original "master" network (which is password protected) and a new "Netgear" network which is not password protected. Can the "slave" hub be password protected. I cannot seem to access the configuration page of the Netgear router now that it is in slave mode.

Working on a PC using Windows XP
The "master" hub is a combo modem/hub supplied by Time Warner for faster internet connection speed.
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  1. Any wireless network should be protected unless you want someone downloading torrents on your ISP account.

    Why do you think that you need a subnet, which is what I have to assume that you mean by master/slave network? A single well secured network is all that is needed by almost anyone.
  2. The range of the combination Motorola modem/wireless hub from the Time Warner cable provider is poor so I have configured a second,Netgear, wireless hub as a slave to provide a second access point that extends the wireless range considerably. Although the original network (i.e. the "master" router) is secure, the second access point is not and I can't seem to find a way to access the slave wireless hub to setup a password.

    The configuration of the master / slave setup is per instructions in this forum under the title "The Ultimate Modem / Router Setup Thread"
  3. Okay, what you have is a router with an access point (the "slave") attached. If the AP is not secure then the network is not secure.

    In that setup the guide should have instructed you to use a different set of radio channels on each wireless (choosing from 1, 6, and 11 which do not overlap for g wireless), to use the same SSID, to use the same WPA2 passphrase. The AP should have a network address that is either dynamic reserved or static outside of the DHCP server assignment range but still within the network range.

    If you have already given the AP an IP address you will have to access it at that address. If you cannot access it wirelessly you may need to connect it to a computer with a cable to make the changes needed.
  4. Realbeast, you are correct about the DHCP settings but the question was; How to setup a security password on the slave router. The answer is really quite simple:
    1. Confirm that you have a wireless network that is up and running, properly configured with your internet provider and is working well and is secure. These instructions assume that your wireless net works fine you just want to increase the range of reception.
    2. Access the setup screen for your router (hereinafter referred to as the Master router) and review the Network Address settings on the Master router and make a note of that address.
    2. Disconnect the Master router from the cable modem and connect the slave router. NOTE: In the case of Time Warner and their "High Speed" internet service, the wireless router and the modem are the same piece of equipment. Therefore, you must obtain one of the "Basic Internet" modems from Time Warner and have them activate it. You also need to keep the new high speed modem activated. Time Warner will charge you $55 a month extra for the second modem (because you now have two internet services to your address) but you will only need the old modem for a couple of hours and if you take it back the same day the prorated charge is not worth arguing about. Keeping your old modem when you upgrade will not work because it will not be activated and you must have both modems live.
    3. Set up the Slave router by selecting an address that is outside the range of the one you wrote down in step 1. i.e. if the address you noted in step 1 for the Master router was then set the Slave router to and TURN OFF DHCP.
    4. Set up a network password for the Slave router.
    5. Disconnect the Slave router from the modem (and disconnect the modem from the cable feed and then reconnect the Master modem and router. You are now done with the old modem and can cancel service to that modem and return it to Time Warner.
    6. Install a Cat 5 or 6 ethernet cable from the outlet port on the Master router and connect the other end to one of the OUTLET ports on the Slave router (do not connect the ethernet cable to the IN port on the Slave router.
    7. All of the above has been accomplished with a computer that is hard wired (by ethernet cable) to the router being set up. If everything is setup correctly your wireless device will now see the original network you originally setup on the Master router and another network that is your Slave router. The default network name is usually the manufacturer on the router (i.e. Netgear). In my case I used different passwords to the two networks. If you find that the Slave network is not secure then you missed step 4 above and the only way to access the slave routers setup screen is via steps 2 and 3 above. So far as I can determine, that is the only way to modify settings on the Slave router once it is installed in the Slave position.

    If you purchase a 50 or 100 foot ethernet cable and have a route for the wire you can extend the range of your wireless network all the way out to your pool and although internet speed does fluctuate relative to the distance a wireless device is from the router the Slave router itself will operate at the same speed and the Master +/-.
  5. This Item is resolved but I can't select "best answer" for myself.
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