Very low frame rates on nvidia gtx 660ti

I have recently bought a new gaming computer. I upgraded the ram, power supply, and the graphics card since I've had it. But for some reason. My frame rates are completely terrible when running games such as planetside 2, arma 2, and eve online.

Here are my specs
I7 processor
NVIDIA geforce 660ti
12GB ram
520w power supply

I'm kinda new at these powerful computers. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at a loss and really frustrated after spending money
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  1. What is planetside 2 fps? You can check gpu usage history via GPU-Z soft.

    ATM planetside 2 is not a optimize one.
  2. No doubt others can correct me if I'm wrong but I think a 520w power supply is far too low and you probably need 600w as a minimum for that set up.
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