will an ace aspire ax 3812 bought in the united kingdom work in canada
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  1. Canada operates on 120 Volts (except during solar flares) and your British Acer will be looking for 230 so that's a no-no from the get-go.

  2. I wouldn't be so sure on that.

    My PSU certainly has the 110/230 switch on it. I can't seem to find it on the web but if you have a look at the back, there should be a little recessed switch in which case you are good to go. Just change the cable you use to connect to the wall socket. If there is no switch then no, it won't.

  3. I had two Acers in on the day I wrote my post - neither of them the poster's model - and neither charger had a switch. I also have my doubts about using a local PSU on a battery that's used to a higher voltage so I didn't want to suggest that.

    Perhaps a visiting Brit will post from Canada as to whether he blew his lappy up on the first day.

  4. Second thought - an in-car charger would be the safe answer.

  5. The AX3812 is a desktop model, or so Google tells me which is why I mentioned the switch.

    With laptops just look at the bottom of the power brick, most will have a label that looks something like this:

    As you can see that PSU will run on 100Vac to 240Vac. This is pretty much universally the case with any modern laptop an has been for quite some time. My sister picked up her Dell laptop in HongKong (a 120Vac local supply) and it works just fine in the UK.
  6. Yes it will work fine, just use the appropriate socket adapter.
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