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Guys, I have a AOC TV and used it as a second monitor, everything worked ok for a long time.
But formatted the pc and when I connect the display again, windows did not recognize it automatically, so I went to the settings of the video card (an GTX560SC) and done that "Rigorous display detection" and the TV stills undetected, so, at Windows Controls Panel, Display, I selected the option "Detect" and then he identified the TV as "Display device on: VGA", and at NVidia control panel it appears as "digital display" but on TV keeps showing "no signal". (before formatting, when I installed the TV also did this procedure, but there has already recognized the model of the TV and it worked normal).
Making some tests here, I realized that when I turn on the pc with only the TV connected, it works normally, until the screen "starting windows" after this is unsigned ...
Any tips?
I already reinstalled NVidia driver and made lots of tests...

PS: Sorry about my bad English, I'm from Brazil...
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  1. Guys, an update here, I tried to reinstall windows 7 and tried to install windows 8, nothing works... :(
    One more detail here, the display is an AOC L22W931.
    Someone help me pleasee!!
  2. Hello again!
    One more update, I tried to connect the display directly at the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-d2h-b3) and it worked! Windows identified it normally, as AOC L22W931, and it worked well, but there are two black bar on sides and don´t get a nice quality, so I want it connected at my GTX560!
    But it shows that, probably, the problem is on the VGA, that didn´t find the display...
  3. Guys, sorry to resurrect the thread, but I had given up about that second monitor, but now I'm needing it again, can someone give me help?!

    I decided to do a step by step so you can see what is happening:

    First I went to "Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution" and selected "detect", then the windows is this:

    Then I selected "Available display output on: NVIDIA GeForce GTX560", "Try to connect anyway on: VGA" and apply them appears:

    So, when I select "Extend these displays" or "Duplicate these displays" and apply again, looks like this:

    And after all the settings panel NVidia shows this:

    I dont know what else I could try to solve this! :/
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