What Video card to install in my i3 Desktop Computer?

Hi all,
I need a video card to install in my ASUS desktop computer that will run my sons games such as Battlefield 3 and Duke Nukem Foreved.
The Motherboard is a P7H55-M PRO) with an Intel Core i3 CPU 530@2.93 GHz with 2GB DDR3 Ram and 32-bit operating system Running Windows 7. Motherboard has 2x PCI and 1x PCI Express 2.0 x16.
I'm Not sure of what Power Supply is in the Desktop Box.. 350W would be the minimum i'm Guessing as it runs 2xDVD drives.
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  1. Hi

    I would definitely suggest you get some another 2GB ram to go with that and then also get a better power supply. As specially if you only have 350W. Generally, you can get away with thinner and less power consuming cards, but this is sometimes a bit slower.

    What's your budget like on the card? If you can, try and get yourself a Geforce GTX 650TI 2GB card, that should hold you over for a while. If you can go higher than these prices, generally around R2500($220) then you've got some really good specs to go for.
  2. plase tell your max bugdet and screen resloution
  3. I Hope to spend Less than 100 dollars!.. Don't mind Second Hand parts.
    Screen is an LCD (BENQ) with resolution of 1440 x 900.
    Can Windows 7 tell me what my Power Supply Wattage is? or do I have to Open the Box??
    and.. Yes I was looking at adding additional RAM.. extra 2GB... making total RAM = 4GB.
  4. You have to open your case to see your psu.also post +12v ratings in sticker of your psu.
  5. Ahh, having a 900p resolution helps you a LOT. I'd get a 7770, if you can find one within that price range. A 7850 would be even better, but I highly doubt that you'll find one, even used, for less than a hundred.

    I strongly recommend that you have the RAM be a MINIMUM of 4GB... but you can buy 8 for about $40. (Though if you don't multitask a lot, 4 is plenty.)
  6. <$100 budget constraint and that resolution you mentioned and also considering the PSU...I can't think of anything but HD6670. Sure, the 7750 is also power-friendly and little more powerful, but most of the time, it cost a bit more than a hundred bucks. If you can afford to spend a few more money on it, 7750 is a much wiser choice than 6670.
  7. hd7750 for sure.
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