Windows 7 instlation time ask cd/dvd/flash drivers how to install

windows 7 instlation time to be asking cd/cvd/flsh/usb to instlation,windows 7,and how toget my cd/dvd drivers tell me pls and clear my problem,,,i am a babu from babucreations..i have computer sales and service,,,our network is the largest network in andhrapradesh,,india....

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  1. If I understand you correctly, with the installation of Windows 7 the Microsoft DVD will provide generic drivers for devices such as CD and DVD drives.

    After completing the installation, check the Device Manager to insure that all the devices have been properly recognized and the drivers install.

    If I have misunderstood your problem, please provide additional information in greater detail including the make and model of all your computer components.
  2. Trying to understand what you are asking is like talking to tech support at Microsoft. Have you called Microsoft? I think the phone number should be a local call from India.
  3. dont post your email and crap here

    you may have a bad copy of windows 7 - redownload and burn at a lower speed and try again
  4. Sounds more like it can't find and hdd's and is asking for a driver off a removable device to see the hardware. Mostly happens on SATA and RAID systems.
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