Strict budget! Need spec ideas

Hi i have a budget of £550 max.
I need preferably a laptop that will allow me to game at medium settings. (WoW, GW2, BF3, WarZ e.t.c) I preferably need a laptop because i'm off to university in September and i will need the mobility a Laptop provides compared to a Desktop PC.

However if anyone can link me a desktop spec leaving about £80 for a monitor (Budget for PC=£470). The spec also needs to inc Windows 7.

I want a Laptop/PC that will play most new games (BF3, AC3, Farcry3 e.t.c) on medium/high settings with good fps (30-50)

Cheers for any help :)
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  1. If I'm understanding you correctly, you are looking for a pre-build laptop. In which case, you are in the wrong section. Try posting in here.

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