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Hello friends! I've recently put together a list of components for a new PC. Im going to use it for gaming and video editing and I am interested to know if I chose well and if it's worth waiting some more and see if the prices drop. The budget is around £1700 and it should buy the following:

1. motherboard - ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe
2. graphics - ATI Radeon 7970
3. cpu - Intel CPU Core i7 3770K
4. ssd - Samsung 840 Pro 128 gb (system)
5. hdd - Seagate Barracuda 3TB (storage)
7. power supply unit - OCZ ZT 650w
8. bd rom - LiteOn iHBS312
9. ram - 8 gb Corsair DDR3 XMS3 2 GHz
10. keyboard - Logitech g710+
11. mouse - Logitech g9x
12. headphones - Logitech g35
13. speakers - Logitech LS21
14. case - Cooler Master Elite 430 mid ATX

im waiting for opinions/constructive critics

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  1. take PSU up to 750W if u plan to crossfire
    take it down to 550W if ur not
  2. allright, thanks for the input! ill look to change to a lower wattage since i dont need to crossfire. on the other hand, would you think that the gtx 680 will get cheaper within the next 3 months? cause i d like to go for it. what do you think?
  3. thats tough to say i havent been watching the price of it so I wouldnt be able to give you an accurate answer but most likely no there wont
  4. I'd forget the GTX 680, it isn't very good value. Just stick with the HD 7970 and possibly overclock it a bit.
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