I want to buy a graphics card ,I am little confused

I want to buy a graphics card around 1800 to 2500 Rs <INR>
I need 1 GB
I am confused of buying Nvidia or Radeon
MS Windows Ultimate 32 bit
Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU E2140 @1.60Ghz
2.0 GB Ram
VIA Chrome 9 HC 1GP WDDW 1.1
Can Anyone suggest me
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  1. You should list what use and expectations of the card are. With that current setup you will be limited before huge bottleneck occurs.
  2. I need to play new games like fifa 13 ,pes 13 gta 4 etc
  3. Have a look at the stickied thread, outlining how to ask for a new card, stuff like preffered sites etc helps make a recommendation, especially for people in other countries.
  4. I dont understand anything
  5. The main things people will need to know.
    What you want to use it for, games, settings etc
    What your current build is, including all components
    Websites you want to buy the products from, as most people here will buy from american sites, and have US$ listed on them.
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