Sound stutters when watching dvds on pioneer 106s

Its an on and off thing, sometimes i can watch a whole movie fine and sometimes it starts stuttering straight away, even on the same movies

ok heres the situation. when i start watching dvd movies it goes fine. but average 40mins into the movie the sound starts stuttering then the whole movie video/audio starts stuttering. so i stop the dvd and try other audio sources. mp3 stutters as well and any other audio i try to play. the only way i can fix the problem is by restarting

ive got a pioneer 106s and a mx300 soundcard. im thinking its the soundcard not liking dvd audio, as i can watch divx just fine. using win2k sp2, celeron 600@800, leadtek gf2 pro, 256ram.

ive also got the drive hooked up on ata33 but that shouldnt really matter.

any advice would b great.
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  1. I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, but maybe your system cannot handle the movie? And maybe its your video card also, probably the video card, sound card and dvd drive are using up a lot of cpu/resources, causing it to lag/stutter. Just a thought, might be a stupid one, but just a thought
  2. hehe definately not the video card. the stuttering starts off with sound then it lags the video up. but when watching divx (which need way more cpu power) video is fine, but sound is like non existant.

    you can get away with playing dvds on a pretty poor system, cele 300 with tnt1. i dunno, ill try putting the dvd drive in my other pc which isnt loaded with so many stuff.
  3. Sounds to me like a blown DMA channel on your soundcard
    I had that problem with my old Live value

    Blame the newbies not the technology
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