HDMI port randomly stopped working, but DVI still works fine

I recently rearranged my room a bit, including moving my pc to a new location. After moving, I went to turn everything on, and I got "No Signal" on my monitor.

I found a DVI to HDMI cord and used that instead, and that works fine. But when I try to connect HDMI to HDMI, it doesn't work.

I double checked to make sure the graphics card didn't come loose, and it was fine. No idea what the problem could be.

To complicate matters, I also recently updated the driver on my graphics card as well, so that could also be a possibility of what's causing it. However, I did download the previous driver just to be sure, and it didn't fix it.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing the HDMI to HDMI to stop working??

I have an Radeon HD 5670 graphics card that's 11 months old, a Dell Inspiron 560 pc that's about 2 years old, and an LCD Insignia brand tv that I use as a monitor.
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  1. This might sound stupid, but is your monitor on the right setting for HDMI? If it is showing up on DVI you must not have it on HDMI mode.
  2. I figured it out - the cord was plugged into the PC's HDMI slot instead of the graphics card one. Derp!
  3. Bonus points for being honest
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